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Brian Krukiel

Brian Krukiel

Founding Partner and Wealth Advisor

Brian started his career serving his country in the U.S. Navy where he was responsible for maintaining and servicing large aircraft both in the U.S and abroad. Brian was able to gain a very unique perspective on the world as he traveled across the globe supporting the U.S. Naval Fleet. After four years of service, Brian had a young family and decided to move on to another challenge. Brian’s Military experience left him with a desire to find a career where he could continue to serve and make a difference. Brian found his calling in being a Financial Advisor and joined J.P. Morgan Chase where he spent over 8 years helping his clients plan for and address their unique financial goals. Brian’s passion in working to optimize his client’s financial situation with objective advice and detailed planning solutions led him to move into private practice in 2016. Because of Brian’s rapid success as an independent financial advisor, in September of 2017 he partnered with a former J. P. Morgan colleague, Sam Rodriguez, to found Foundation Wealth Partners.

Brian believes that every client deserves his best. He strives to know and understand his client’s unique needs so that he can create an individualized plan tailored to their specific situation while keeping in mind what is most important to them. Being an independent financial advisor allows Brian to provide completely objective investment strategies, advice, and top-tier service to his clients.

Brian holds a B.S.B.A. from Columbia College. Brian is a Texas native, he enjoys spending as much time as he can hunting and fishing and with his beautiful wife, Allison and two wonderful daughters, Karlye and Khloe.