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We Believe in Being Different

Foundation Wealth Partners exists to help clients navigate the financial and emotional complexities of wealth.
Every family is unique and our goal is to provide a comprehensive approach that is both objective and customized.

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Times have changed. Markets have changed. Do you need to adjust your portfolio?

Take this assessment to find out your risk number and if your portfolio aligns with your needs. 

We focus on your best interests.

We have a relationship with the leading independent broker-dealer in the country, LPL Financial. (As reported by Financial Planning magazine, June 1996-2018, based on total revenue.) We don’t have our own brand name products and therefore there is no incentive or encouragement to recommend a portfolio or product that is anything but what we feel is best for your specific situation.

We are independent.

Being independent also allows us to have access to a larger group of possible products and services. This means that you can have access to virtually any company’s products and services and get them from one advisor on one financial statement. Having more choices when making recommendations for our portfolio helps improve our chances at being successful in helping you pursue your goals.

We take the time to educate.

Much of the uncertainty and lack of trust that consumers feel comes from not having enough information on the different types of strategies available. Not knowing how the advisor is being compensated, and especially why the recommendations made are right for them in the first place. We avoid this problem from the outset by focusing on education and taking the time to answer your questions until you are satisfied.

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Estate Planning & Trust Services/ Philanthropy

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Risk Management

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Tax Planning

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Our mission is to provide all clients with objective advice with a level of service that far exceeds the industry standard.

We know that it is our responsibility to help protect client’s futures by providing creative ideas designed to manage risk, seek out increased returns, and work toward bringing clients to their goals as planned.

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